What Got Me Into Rotary?

I guess a good way to start this blog is to talk about how I got into Rotary? Right? Is that right? I dunno. I’m so bad at this.

Well, I guess that I should start from the beginning.

Every year at my school, there’s a “Parent Night”. It’s similar to an open house at an elementary or middle school. However, instead of parents going to go see what all their precious little darlings have done so far, it’s for the parents to go around and meet the teachers, and the teachers explain what’s going on in the class and such. Pretty similar, but there aren’t any pretty pictures from the art class hung up for the occasion or anything like that.

This is also a good chance for clubs to do some more recruiting after the Freshmen Recruitment Day (the weekday before the start of school for the freshmen to visit the school, classes, and teachers).

Well, as I was walking from one end of the school to the very other end of the universe (the other end of the school), there was a table set up for both Rotary Interact and the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. I have always been interested in exchange, especially with my dreams of traveling to Japan, so my mom and I just had to stop by. As we were talking to the two women at the desk (the lovely wife of now very good family friend who is a member of Rotary and the mother of the first student at my school ever to go on an exchange). As my mom chatted with the two for a bit, a senior (I was a junior at the time), whom I recognized from my bus, came up and said hi. He was running the Interact table.

He wanted me to vote for him real quick for President of Interact for the year, and since I was friends with him, I had to do so, and ask more about the club. He told me about the mysterious club, and gave me information to attend the next meeting.

Funnily enough, the senior ended up becoming my current boyfriend, so Rotary brings some very good things into your life!

Anyways, after attending the first meeting, I found myself in a pretty good place. The sponsor of the club, a very good English teacher at the school, has so much faith in the club and what its members can do. And the President of the club at the time, my boyfriend, basically brought it back from the dead.

It’s such a wonderful club, and without it, I would still be super shy and afraid to talk to others. Without the other members, the sponsor, and the members of Rotary, I wouldn’t be running for President for the club now as I type this.

Funny how one organization can change both you and your life.


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