School and Stuff

Well, school is starting up in a little less than a week.

It’s normally not so dreadful, the start of school. Maybe it is this time because it’s my senior year? I know that it’s going to go by fast, but it’s going to go by even faster with an exchange student on the way!

First of all, some info on the student!

Her name is Eloise, and she’s from France. I met her during my exchange to France, but we’ve been talking before then. She’s super nice, seems very motivated to excel in school, independent in general, and just overall very sweet.

My family will be hosting her for a full year, unlike the traditional style of Rotary where exchange students move around from two to three host families during their visit. Because there weren’t enough host families, and the only other one who could take her was outside of the school district, we have her for her full visit.

She thinks that she will arrive on Friday, but possible as early as Wednesday,  and my mom is taking her up to the school on the Monday she arrives at the latest and will get her courses figured out. We’re all so excited!

Now, for some trouble that was going on…

At the end of the school year, students pick their classes for the next year. We have eight classes. Four core classes (English, Science, History, and Math) and four electives. We need one P.E credit, and either one or two Fine Arts credits. As well as this, we run on “A Day” and “B Day” schedule. For an example, here’s my schedule from last year:

A Day:

1st: Show Choir (a pop choir)

2nd: French 3

3rd: Math

4th: US History

5th: English

B Day:

1st: Show Choir

2nd: Physics

3rd: Choir

4th: Teacher Aid (where I help out a teacher during a class)

5th: English

I took Dance for my PE credit sophomore year, and have completed my Fine Arts requirement.

So, where’s the trouble? I have all of my credits. What else?

Well, here’s the thing. We have this separate building for some special classes. You can take animation, A/V classes, cosmetology, welding, the list goes on.

Well, I want to be a teacher. Specifically, I want to teach Japanese on a college level. There’s a class at the building where you go to an elementary school and teach a class there. Obviously not the same age group, but you learn the basics of making a lesson plan, teaching, and grading.

I was SO EXCITED for this class! It was going to take up two classes, as I had no clue what other class I would want to take, that was perfect!

Well, as high school gets out at four, there aren’t many options for the afternoon. So, it’s mid-day or morning.

They wanted to take me out of my current choir class (the advanced choir that I spent two years getting into), and place me into the regular class.

Nuh-uh not doing that.

Well, they were willing to move me into the morning option. That would kick me out of my show choir that I have been in for the past three years.

I love choir, and who knows if I’ll get to stay in it when I’m in college? I’m staying in both of them!

Well, long story short, after some tears and feeling so dumb for crying, I won’t be taking the education class.

Instead, I will be taking tech theater, and will either be a library aid or have a class where I can lave campus/sneakawaytoateachersroomanddoInteractstuff. Whichever one they can get me first.

I’m looking forward to this year! There’s going to be Interact (running for President), my friends, classes, applying to colleges, and so much more!

As it’s 10 at night, I need to be at school tomorrow to get my exchange student registered and to try on Show Choir uniforms, and all that jazz.

And my boyfriend and I are getting a gym membership, and are going to try to go every other day… Yay both good and bad. I need the workout, and I’ve been wanting to do that. But, gym. Workout. Go outside. Ew.

Welp, goodnight! Sleep tight! You’ll hear from me at some point in the near future.


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