Exchange Student and School Stuff

Ah!!!! There’s only a little more than 24 hours before school starts! I’m not ready!!

However, this year is bound to be great!

First off, my exchange student is here! Eloise arrived on the 19th, or this past Wednesday. There was so much excitement!


And, as a good American host family should, we took her to get burgers for dinner!!

In all honesty, I was a little afraid that I would be different with her. We hosted an exchange student before, and we were just best friends!

We have so much in common, and we felt like sisters. Camille was, like me, very excitable and a little hyper. Like my energetic side.

Eloise is more like my calmer side. Quiet, prefers to be by herself sometimes, but also likes to be with the family and friends. However, I think that we’re warming up to each other quite nicely! She’s starting to smile and laugh more, and I think that it’s a sign of her starting to get used to her new home (wow, way to make her sound like a puppy).

So, she got here, and she enrolled for classes at our school on Friday. This day is called “Fish Day”, where all of the little Freshmen go to the school and go to their classes to find them and get lost and cry a little for whatever reason.

This day, I was also working a table for Interact to recruit new members. So, after getting Eloise enrolled in some classes, I took her around the school and met all but two or three teachers. They love her so far!

Afterwards, she stayed with me at the table to recruit members. It was me, and two of the Presidential candidates for the club. One of my friends, and one of some little jsghisfghkdjkfn my anger with her cannot be described.

Well, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I brought Eloise by and introduced her. My friend, of course, was very nice and talked to her. Little miss grjijdisghdjlk said hi and just kind of ignored her. However, she kept staring at me. I was feeling good, because it wasn’t her blank, empty stare. It wasn’t a glare. It was envy. Pure envy. She knew that I was on an exchange, hosted Camille, and all of that with Rotary. Now, I was hosting another student. Who’s joining Interact. Who people are going to think is really cool because she’s an exchange student, and will want to get to know her. The people who she wants to ask to join Interact and vote for me.


Now, I want to take the higher road, of course! I don’t want to be mean and hurt anyone!! There’s no morale there. However, it’s nice to have someone envious of you for a second.

Just to vent a little more, she was an awful image for the club! First, she had cut up an Interact shirt from a couple of years ago that she probably found in our sponsor’s room. I wouldn’t complain, if it wasn’t a very short crop-top, and if the sleeves weren’t cut to where you could see her WHITE LACY BRA oh so clearly. If she had cut it just a bit shorter, as it did look like it would’ve been a size too big for her, where it wasn’t a dress, and cut the sleeves down a little, that would be good. But, I don’t want an image of sluts or anything like that getting into the club. And she has a reputation of one already.

And, to continue, my friend told me that her plan to recruit members was to “pick up boys”. She didn’t talk to anyone that much, so I don’t know if she said that or not. I stayed out of it. However, it’s something that she would definitely say.

To go on with how good I was feeling, I was walking from our sponsor’s room to the Interact table, when a poor lost Freshman needed help getting to class. She looked sweet, so I decided to help her. I introduced myself, and she smiled kind of nervously, but then I told her about Interact. She looked interested! Then, the conversation went pretty close to this:

Me, as we’re starting to get close to the table: “So, I really hate to sound conceded or anything, but I’m running for President for Interact, and I need voters…”

Girl: “Oh, well I might come to the first meeting or two,” as we approach the table “Mary, right? I can vote for you–”

Slute: “NO! SARGEANT (her last name) WANTS YOU TO VOTE FOR HER!!!”

Girl, turning to me: “What’s your last name? I’ll vote for you”

Slute: Just stares at me

I’m done ranting, just had to get that out.

We spent the rest of the day recruiting members and such. One of my friends who was there to help students told me that he had been telling the freshmen that he was helping to join Interact and to vote for me! Ugh, so nice!

That evening, my boyfriend and I took her to a state fair and rodeo! We had fun, though it was soooooo tiring! I think Eloise enjoyed it, though! That’s all that matters.

Today’s Saturday, and we all got up for donuts, as usual. It’s like a family tradition. Donuts every Saturday! Grant, my boyfriend, went with us, so that we could go to the school and paint the new Interact office. I should take a picture of it when we’re done. It’s pretty nice.

Now, we got to the school, me, Grant and Eloise, around ten. Walked in, building dark in most places. Went to our sponsor’s room. NOT THERE!!!!! We walked down to the office, to find two other members, good friends of ours, waiting outside. We waited for an hour, our two friends trying to pick lock the door, and thinking of ways to get in. The sponsor told us that he wasn’t coming (even though he helped us plan this idea and didn’t leave the key with at least me or Grant), so we left. We got Eloise a SIM card so that she could use her phone, then went to get some yummy candy with Grant! Went to lunch, as well, and Eloise got some ice cream!

I think she liked it!

We then just went to Walmart, and that was that. She’s reading now, and I’m blogging next to her on her bed. We’re excited for school to start, though I’m not ready! Saying how I got something in the mail today…

I got the proofs for my senior pictures!

Ah, I had to pick three (I originally picked four, and then my dad made my mom and I choose a cheaper package, which is three poses instead of four), and it was actually stressful! They aren’t these, just the bottom one, and maybe the right. I don’t remember. They’re downstairs.

Anywho, I don’t wanna adult!!!!!!!

That’s all I have to say. Blog y’all later!


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