School and Ew To You Too

Hey-o! Who’s back in school?

Notice how I didn’t ask who’s excited to be back in school.

It’s funny how on TV, you see kids, little kids, just SO EXCITED to start school, then you see pictures of them for the rest of their lives and they look so done with you.

I can kind of relate. I enjoyed going to school when I was little, mainly because I would get to see my friends and the teachers (most of them) were really nice. Now, it’s just nope. Very few friends have classes with me, if any, and I really only look forward to every other day.

School started on Monday, the 24th, and it’s been alright for a first week. Or maybe I’m just being grateful that it could go much worse for my senior year.

Eloise’s birthday was Tuesday, and she’s my age now! She’s a junior at school, but I’m sure if she was learning in French, she would be at a college level right now. Seriously.

Wish her happy birthday! I’m sure that she would like it!

I like my classes so far. My Government teacher is the BEST and is so nice and funny, not like what most people think a Government teacher would be like.

The only class that I don’t like is Algebra 2. It’s a junior class, and I’m taking it because I took a different math class my junior year. It’s okay, but it’s so confusing and the teacher talks in circles. I do have it with Eloise, so that’s nice.

So, yeah, all of my classes are going good! Show Choir has started our two songs to sing the upcoming concert (The Hanging Tree and a song called Big City Beat). Choir has started learning our songs for our choir concert in October (SO EARLY!!!), and they seem like fun! I’m in the advanced mixed choir (not to toot my own horn, but the most advanced choir and really the best in the area), but we do have gender pieces to sing with the other choirs that are single gendered, along with our mixed pieces that we sing with the mixed choir only.

Oh, news on Interact!

I did not get Presidency.

However, I am not sad one bit! I’m serious, I’m fine. The reason being: Miss Slute isn’t President.

A girl who isn’t really new to Interact (she didn’t participate much in the club last year, due to personal or school related things) but will have plenty of time to actually be with us this year! I’m excited. She’s a great people person, is very creative, motivated to do well, passes everything or does her best to pass (unlike Miss Slute), and overall is great working in a team.

So, my last class of the day is Government, right across the hall from our sponsor’s room where we hold our Interact meetings. I was in there on Friday with two other friends and Interact members, trying to help out our sponsor with some class work (the last class is a conference block for him). I had already seen her and our sponsor, who had left for something (she wouldn’t even smile at me or anything), and returned by herself not too long before the bell rang. She came in saying “he announced the results” and did  not sound happy. Curious, I looked at my phone to see what the text (the school gives teachers numbers for classes and clubs to connect with their kids) said.

It wasn’t me or her, or another girl who would not really have been the best choice, or one of my friends who would’ve been decent. It was a girl with great potential.

Miss Slute was MAD.

I felt bad for receiving joy from it. I should go to confession soon.

Now, she and I had dressed relatively nice. I wore a cute yellow dress that I like (not too fancy, but not too casual). She wore shorts and a slightly see-through shirt. Could see her bra ever so slightly.

She was complaining about how our President brought people who wouldn’t join the club (funny because she did the same thing), probably bribed people for votes (which she did not, but slute did), and “showed her boobs”. She was wearing a white tank, with a dark bra (girls, you understand that sometimes that happens and you may not realize it or just have to stop caring), and while it would’ve been more appropriate to put on another shirt over it that was darker, she was staying after school to help paint our new office which Slute has done practically NOTHING for.

Well, after I tried to convince her that she’s just there to see what we can do, how, and when, and then everyone with her is supposed to figure out how EXACTLY to do it, because that’s what a real leader does (working with a team as a family, I mean). She stormed out.

The three of us yelled… Not kind things at the door after she was out of ear shot.

So, we went back to what we were doing, and one of my friends had to leave for a moment to go see another teacher. So, my other friend and I were talking idly. I gave him two theories that I had for the crybaby:

“She’ll quit the club”


“She’ll stay but try to make the club hers”

Our friend came back after a couple of minutes, and so did Slute not long after her.

Oh, the “poor thing” was all red and puffy-eyed when she came in. And the first thing out of her mouth:

“I’m going to start a petition”

The three of us looked at each other.

“For what?” I asked, sounding slightly confused. Haha, I’m such a writer.

Anywho, she continued with a glare and “to remove her from President and replace her with me”

My friend who I told my theories to and I looked at each other. That second one happened way faster than I thought it would.

She went on about how bad of a President that our friend would be and such, and the three of us tried to get off-topic to show her how uninterested in her we were. None of us want her as President. That would kill the club. Our SPONSOR who loves EVERYONE does NOT want her to be President.

The best part was when she said: “I wouldn’t mind if (friend who would be decent) or Mary, or (girl who we were all iffy about) would be President, but NOT HER!”

She told my boyfriend that I wouldn’t be a good President, and that she would do anything to keep me from getting there.

Two-faced little dfghddfljghdkj.

I need confession.

Anyways, she left again, the three of us decided to talk to other members and convince them NOT to sign her petition if our sponsor allows it (I doubt he will, I already told him about it). We yelled more unkind things at the door, then it was time to go.

So, yesterday, I woke up to her posting two things on FaceBook:

“Today, I witnessed the death of a club….”


and a description of her “awful” day (it made no sense), ending with “I lost presidency to a girl who showed her boobs.”

Oh, like you HAVEN’T DONE THAT

As of now, I’m just talking to our sponsor about being a social officer, where someone works with recruitment and making us known.

And, I’m going to talk to my boyfriend about when I can go for confession or something, because I think I really need it right now.



Exchange Student and School Stuff

Ah!!!! There’s only a little more than 24 hours before school starts! I’m not ready!!

However, this year is bound to be great!

First off, my exchange student is here! Eloise arrived on the 19th, or this past Wednesday. There was so much excitement!


And, as a good American host family should, we took her to get burgers for dinner!!

In all honesty, I was a little afraid that I would be different with her. We hosted an exchange student before, and we were just best friends!

We have so much in common, and we felt like sisters. Camille was, like me, very excitable and a little hyper. Like my energetic side.

Eloise is more like my calmer side. Quiet, prefers to be by herself sometimes, but also likes to be with the family and friends. However, I think that we’re warming up to each other quite nicely! She’s starting to smile and laugh more, and I think that it’s a sign of her starting to get used to her new home (wow, way to make her sound like a puppy).

So, she got here, and she enrolled for classes at our school on Friday. This day is called “Fish Day”, where all of the little Freshmen go to the school and go to their classes to find them and get lost and cry a little for whatever reason.

This day, I was also working a table for Interact to recruit new members. So, after getting Eloise enrolled in some classes, I took her around the school and met all but two or three teachers. They love her so far!

Afterwards, she stayed with me at the table to recruit members. It was me, and two of the Presidential candidates for the club. One of my friends, and one of some little jsghisfghkdjkfn my anger with her cannot be described.

Well, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I brought Eloise by and introduced her. My friend, of course, was very nice and talked to her. Little miss grjijdisghdjlk said hi and just kind of ignored her. However, she kept staring at me. I was feeling good, because it wasn’t her blank, empty stare. It wasn’t a glare. It was envy. Pure envy. She knew that I was on an exchange, hosted Camille, and all of that with Rotary. Now, I was hosting another student. Who’s joining Interact. Who people are going to think is really cool because she’s an exchange student, and will want to get to know her. The people who she wants to ask to join Interact and vote for me.


Now, I want to take the higher road, of course! I don’t want to be mean and hurt anyone!! There’s no morale there. However, it’s nice to have someone envious of you for a second.

Just to vent a little more, she was an awful image for the club! First, she had cut up an Interact shirt from a couple of years ago that she probably found in our sponsor’s room. I wouldn’t complain, if it wasn’t a very short crop-top, and if the sleeves weren’t cut to where you could see her WHITE LACY BRA oh so clearly. If she had cut it just a bit shorter, as it did look like it would’ve been a size too big for her, where it wasn’t a dress, and cut the sleeves down a little, that would be good. But, I don’t want an image of sluts or anything like that getting into the club. And she has a reputation of one already.

And, to continue, my friend told me that her plan to recruit members was to “pick up boys”. She didn’t talk to anyone that much, so I don’t know if she said that or not. I stayed out of it. However, it’s something that she would definitely say.

To go on with how good I was feeling, I was walking from our sponsor’s room to the Interact table, when a poor lost Freshman needed help getting to class. She looked sweet, so I decided to help her. I introduced myself, and she smiled kind of nervously, but then I told her about Interact. She looked interested! Then, the conversation went pretty close to this:

Me, as we’re starting to get close to the table: “So, I really hate to sound conceded or anything, but I’m running for President for Interact, and I need voters…”

Girl: “Oh, well I might come to the first meeting or two,” as we approach the table “Mary, right? I can vote for you–”

Slute: “NO! SARGEANT (her last name) WANTS YOU TO VOTE FOR HER!!!”

Girl, turning to me: “What’s your last name? I’ll vote for you”

Slute: Just stares at me

I’m done ranting, just had to get that out.

We spent the rest of the day recruiting members and such. One of my friends who was there to help students told me that he had been telling the freshmen that he was helping to join Interact and to vote for me! Ugh, so nice!

That evening, my boyfriend and I took her to a state fair and rodeo! We had fun, though it was soooooo tiring! I think Eloise enjoyed it, though! That’s all that matters.

Today’s Saturday, and we all got up for donuts, as usual. It’s like a family tradition. Donuts every Saturday! Grant, my boyfriend, went with us, so that we could go to the school and paint the new Interact office. I should take a picture of it when we’re done. It’s pretty nice.

Now, we got to the school, me, Grant and Eloise, around ten. Walked in, building dark in most places. Went to our sponsor’s room. NOT THERE!!!!! We walked down to the office, to find two other members, good friends of ours, waiting outside. We waited for an hour, our two friends trying to pick lock the door, and thinking of ways to get in. The sponsor told us that he wasn’t coming (even though he helped us plan this idea and didn’t leave the key with at least me or Grant), so we left. We got Eloise a SIM card so that she could use her phone, then went to get some yummy candy with Grant! Went to lunch, as well, and Eloise got some ice cream!

I think she liked it!

We then just went to Walmart, and that was that. She’s reading now, and I’m blogging next to her on her bed. We’re excited for school to start, though I’m not ready! Saying how I got something in the mail today…

I got the proofs for my senior pictures!

Ah, I had to pick three (I originally picked four, and then my dad made my mom and I choose a cheaper package, which is three poses instead of four), and it was actually stressful! They aren’t these, just the bottom one, and maybe the right. I don’t remember. They’re downstairs.

Anywho, I don’t wanna adult!!!!!!!

That’s all I have to say. Blog y’all later!

What Got Me Into Rotary?

I guess a good way to start this blog is to talk about how I got into Rotary? Right? Is that right? I dunno. I’m so bad at this.

Well, I guess that I should start from the beginning.

Every year at my school, there’s a “Parent Night”. It’s similar to an open house at an elementary or middle school. However, instead of parents going to go see what all their precious little darlings have done so far, it’s for the parents to go around and meet the teachers, and the teachers explain what’s going on in the class and such. Pretty similar, but there aren’t any pretty pictures from the art class hung up for the occasion or anything like that.

This is also a good chance for clubs to do some more recruiting after the Freshmen Recruitment Day (the weekday before the start of school for the freshmen to visit the school, classes, and teachers).

Well, as I was walking from one end of the school to the very other end of the universe (the other end of the school), there was a table set up for both Rotary Interact and the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. I have always been interested in exchange, especially with my dreams of traveling to Japan, so my mom and I just had to stop by. As we were talking to the two women at the desk (the lovely wife of now very good family friend who is a member of Rotary and the mother of the first student at my school ever to go on an exchange). As my mom chatted with the two for a bit, a senior (I was a junior at the time), whom I recognized from my bus, came up and said hi. He was running the Interact table.

He wanted me to vote for him real quick for President of Interact for the year, and since I was friends with him, I had to do so, and ask more about the club. He told me about the mysterious club, and gave me information to attend the next meeting.

Funnily enough, the senior ended up becoming my current boyfriend, so Rotary brings some very good things into your life!

Anyways, after attending the first meeting, I found myself in a pretty good place. The sponsor of the club, a very good English teacher at the school, has so much faith in the club and what its members can do. And the President of the club at the time, my boyfriend, basically brought it back from the dead.

It’s such a wonderful club, and without it, I would still be super shy and afraid to talk to others. Without the other members, the sponsor, and the members of Rotary, I wouldn’t be running for President for the club now as I type this.

Funny how one organization can change both you and your life.